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Announcing The Digital Brew

I’m starting an agency – The Digital Brew. You can find out more about it here, and if you’re super keen, you can sign up to our waitlist and get all the details when we officially launch.

So, what is The Digital Brew?

The Digital Brew is a web agency offering web design and copywriting services to small businesses. We also provide hosting and ongoing support and maintenance for our clients.

I am doing this alongside my ridiculously fantastic wife and copywriter, Angela Rodgers. You can read more about Angela here. We have been working together on web projects for the last 5 years, starting with our first brand “Big Idea Marketing”, before we transitioned into freelancing when our 2 cyclone children entered our lives.

Now that the cyclones have settled down a bit, we decided to officially launch some packages together. We want to fill a gap in the marketplace for small businesses – solid strategy, backed by a quality website with effective, on-brand copywriting. All without the big agency price tag and confusion.

But why?

Our skills complement each other perfectly and we can provide immense value to business owners. We find that a lot of people only tackle one thing at a time when it comes to their web presence:

  • I need a new website
  • I need new copywriting
  • I need better SEO
  • I need a new strategy
  • And so on…

But if you skip one or more of these steps in your launch, your online presence will suffer. The thought of businesses spending big on a new design, and skimping on copywriting and SEO (or vice-versa) makes me a bit sad on the inside. We hope to fill that void by combining our skill sets and making these services more accessible to businesses. Plus, our obsessive perfectionist personalities will ensure we do a dang good job of it, too.

What’s happening with

I’ll be taking a torch to it and burning it to the ground.

Yeah, nah.

Not all projects will be a fit for The Digital Brew, so I will continue to provide services under my freelance brand.

I also hope to start creating more content on this here website (said every wannabe blogger ever). I’m not a great writer, but I like being helpful and sharing stuff, so I’ll be setting some goals this year to push through that.

Sign up to the waitlist

If you’re a bit of a keen-bean, you can head on over to The Digital Brew website. Depending on when you see this post, there may be a coming soon page which has a bit more info, where you can sign up to a waitlist to get notified of when we officially launch.


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