So, you want to know about me?

I’m a husband and Dad to two crazy boys.

I love to create things and help people. So, it makes sense that I’m here, designing websites that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs achieve their goals.

I’m a small business myself – I live and breathe this stuff (so is my wife – it’s inescapable!). I know how essential a good website is to the success of any business, but especially for small guys like us.

I’m also obsessed with learning. I find it essential when you work in an industry that changes constantly. I spend a lot of my time learning, reading, watching, listening to podcasts, and practicing my craft.

This website exists to document what I’m currently up to online (and sometime offline) – you check out my musings to see all of that.

If you’d ever like to chat then you’re most welcome to contact me, or if you’d like to discuss a website project, you can find me over at Brew.